Read What People Are Saying About LTC Rx!

Our residential company switched to LTC Rx earlier this year. They made the process of changing numerous clients medication needs to their system so easy! They provide us with MARS that are easy to understand and to track daily medications. Prescription orders are sent out monthly without issue and new orders are filled the day received. Rachel and Tara have made themselves very available to address any questions and needs we have had. As the company administrator, working with LTCRX has given me peace of mind knowing our client medication needs are being met. -- Donna

Woodstone has had nothing but excellent experiences with LTC Pharmacy! I often need things on short notice and no matter how many late emails and requests I send, I am always met with courtesy and respect and needs are always met one way or another. I appreciate the personal relationships we have built up over the years and am a long term, satisfied customer. -- Audrey

I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel, Tara, Rick and the 'behind the scenes' employees of LTC Rx! They have always performed well above average! The service from start to finish has always been exceptional. If you want the BEST this is where you need to look!!!!! Thank you LTC Rx for everything you do to make this job easier. -- Elle, A Touch of Home

As the owner and administrator of an elderly assisted living facility, I depend heavily on a strong relationship with a long term care pharmacy that I can trust and rely on. LTC Rx has more than exceeded my expectations for over 10 years in every single area and they have become an integral part of my caregiving team. I simply could not run my business without the medication support that LTC Rx’s staff so effortlessly supplies. I was amazed when I learned the number of employees they have and the large number of facilities they service because I always feel like the #1 concern to each and every person I work with there.

Do you need an uplifting moment and the BEST smile ever? I hope Rick is your delivery driver. He’ll even help you out if you have extra desserts hanging around. 😊

Or maybe you need a good laugh, an inside joke, and someone to commiserate the healthcare industry with? I hope Rachel is your tech. But alas, she was too good and so she was promoted. Still miss her dearly!

Afraid that you will have too many details for your tech to remember and that things will be forgotten? I hope Brett is your tech then because he is the best detail wrangler EVER. Nothing gets by this guy. Seriously, nothing. And absolutely unflappable late on a Friday afternoon.

Nervous about your annual medication review for the state? Then I hope you have John who is the most competent, smooth, friendly, and comforting pharmacy reviewer I have ever worked with. And did I mention efficient to a fault?

Seriously, LTC Rx somehow manages to offer that perfect “sweet spot” between small town feel with personal attention and large company efficiency and track history. I strongly recommend them for any facility, no matter if there are 2 or 200 residents. Excellent job and great to work with. I’m so blessed they found me all those years ago because I wasn’t even looking for them!! -- Rachel S, CBRF Owner